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FOX Business
Dec 3, 2012 3:00pm EST
, russia, what are your plans for emerging markets? >> we are very well off, we are number one with two plants. or than 50% market share and brazil. we invest in 350 million new factories in china. next week, i will go to africa where we open our first. lori: 100 million investments in africa. >> in africa, 1 billion people living there. the population of africa will double within the next 25 years. that is an important goal. africa has 60% of the world reserves in land. only 20% of the land is farmed. with the higher crop, that is financially viable. lori: the higher crop prices that former are receiving are actually using it for capital upgrades. >> yes. we already own, we call it, demo farm. it has about 30 people. we farm 250 acres. we basically invite customers to explain to them how modernized farming works. lori: because of the drought conditions, because of the overall economic challenges, the fiscal cliff, we have to talk about that, do you find that farmers are cutting back? >> it is just the opposite. they try to be more advanced in technology. you can do more intelligent
FOX Business
Dec 18, 2012 3:00pm EST
entering the workforce. the whole world has this problem russia is declining. the european union. we know how to solve it because we're good at immigration. individual opportunity, we must be the party of immigration, and that is not just hispanic but asians, heiss' less skilled, low-skill, nurses. we need a better strategy. our laws date back to 1952. so businesses either have to hire someone who is undocumented or go out of business. it does not make sense. republicans should lead the charge. liz: we will see if they do. wonderful to have you. liz: former commerce secretary and the man behind the keebler elves becoming part of kellogg. it is actually up about 15% this year. research in motion has been on a tear over the past month or so with the stock nearly doubling from the peseta closed. today is a different story. michael, tell us what it is, and we have sandra talking -- standing by at the cme. >> reporter: taking a look at research in motion, the blackberry maker. due out on january 3rd. down over 1%. one of the reasons why it has been declining is because nationnl bank issued dow
FOX Business
Dec 21, 2012 3:00pm EST
russia and others are buying back into the goals. we will see these come back out. the other currencies. particularly the town of the euro coming back down. the industry will continue to pull down. we are waiting and waiting. nobody can make a decision. liz: while everyone is sitting there, people making money. you make a great point about how cool came back today by $11. it may just be the worst quarter since 2008. allen, hairy, we do have some movement going back right now. what happens next week when trading is really sort of marginal at this point? >> well, what we saw last night was crude oil from the lack of fiscal talks that was going to produce talking about is going over the cliff. then we came off a little bit more today. we didn't break the 90 level successfully, therefore it for sale. i think we're going down. we are getting down to the 86 level and then 89.5 from here. i think we are still heading down. liz: heading down. good to see you, gentlemen. have a lovely friday and good weekend. john cortina mentioned his twitter feed. what is your twitter handle? >> joh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3